The Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse was a major event this past summer! My colleagues and I actually went outside in the afternoon! We walked across the street to the park and tried to scam some kids into giving us their eclipse-viewing lenses.

I’m a bit of an astrology lover (Leo) and was so excited to experience the eclipse, in my sign no less! A solar eclipse in Leo meant a whole new beginning for me! I had written out my intentions and was hoping to manifest something great! [Note to self, revisit those intentions…]

So I had convinced someone to lend me a pair of goggles and was able to see the beauty of the eclipse, it was actually pretty amazing! It felt so cool to be a part of something, here we were, standing around a park and witnessing beauty.

As we were walking out of park I heard a colleague yell, “I got a picture of it!” Being a Millennial, my ears perked up. If I don’t get a picture, did this really even happen?

So the guy shows me that if you put your iPhone behind the eclipse glasses you can take a picture. So of course I try to do so and I think I almost had it but to focus I took one look up. And for a brief moment I glared at the eclipse with my bare eyes. Oh no, I’m blind! The one thing we were all warned not do and I did it!

I walk back into the office bleary eyed and immediately take to Google. How convenient that Google populates, “is it bad to…stare into the solar eclipse”, “can I go blind if…I looked at the solar eclipse”.

I called my mom that night and we were chatting, when she told me she also looked up. We were both seeing spots! Turns out, a lot of people did the one thing that we were told not to do. Sort of funny actually. Anyways, I woke up the next day and could see fine.

This is a reminder to stop every once in a while and admire the beauty in things. It’s easy to get caught up in work and forget to stop, look up and set an intention.

Picture Credit: NASA

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