Balancing Two iPhones: Know When to Shut One Down

I didn’t automatically get an iPhone when I was promoted into my role even though I really REALLY wanted one! I wanted to be connected, I wanted to be more efficient and most of all how badass to have a company phone?!

It took all my courage to eventually ask for a phone and it I got an immediate, yes!

My phone was shipped ASAP and I was so excited to setup my brand-new iPhone. Something went terribly wrong but after 2 hours on the phone with IT, my iPhone was up and working!

My colleague told me that having an iPhone was my “leash” and I thought oh well, I can’t wait to be more available to my clients and colleagues. Well it didn’t take long until I realized exactly what she meant.

Constant availability is quickly becoming an expectation, or so I thought. I felt that because I had my phone, I saw the email come in, and I was able to respond that that’s what I should do. I’d be on my way to the gym after work and catch a glimpse of a question, being who I am, I couldn’t resist but answer. On a day off I would tell people, don’t worry I will be available by phone if you need me.

Let me tell you, YOU NEED A BREAK! I talk about this a lot but I truly think you need to prioritize your energy and recharge to perform better.

So being conscious of this, I started to turn on Do Not Disturb at the end of my work day and turn it back on in the morning. I do like to review my emails in the morning before work as I’m having my coffee, this way I know what I’m getting into for the day but other than I keep my phone in my work bag. I have even got into the habit of charging it at work to, that way I am not tempted in the evening when I see it laying on my kitchen counter.

Even though I love my job, I need a break, this rest really makes me a better performer during work hours.

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