Happy New Year #NYE2018

I love New Year’s more than anything! I true fresh start! Every year my boyfriend and I sit down on New Year’s day and write a sort of bucket list for the upcoming year. Our list range from very small things, like going to our favourite restaurant, to bigger things like a getting a promotion or going back to school.

The best part is that before writing our goals for the upcoming year we read our goals from the last year. A list that we seal and don’t look at for the entire year.

We started doing this in 2012, that’s over 6 years now! I love looking back on all of the lists and laughing at how much they change. For example, in 2012 I wrote, “be fun” and “pass organic chemistry”. This is when I was still in my “partier” phase in university, I was still 19 and liked to have fun. Then in 2014, things got a bit more serious, “graduate from my Bachelor of Science.” 2015 was a lot of fun, I took a year off after university and did a bit of travelling, “drink from a pineapple” and “dance abroad.” In 2017, things took a major turn, at this point I was in my entry level HR job on a contract, “get full time job” and “become designated in HR.”

I love seeing how much I have grown over the years. Now don’t get me wrong all 6 years I have written something along the lines of “get fit,” “beach bod,” “workout more” (somethings never change).

It’s important to manifest your goals and wants, even small things. I find making a list helps me stay focused. However, the added touch of not looking at the list all year really shows what truly gets done.

Although the new year is over I’d encourage you to create a bucket list or vision board. Hold yourself accountable for your growth.

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