Disconnecting Is Hard

I pride myself on being quick and efficient. I want to be available to my clients to ensure the best customer service. I need to support them and walk them through each process to ensure things get done correctly. But do I really?

I was attending the HRPA conference today as a volunteer. This is something I enjoy doing every year (more to come). But this year I had a new companion, my business phone. Before the conference I was thinking about how great it would be to stay connected and enjoy the show. I can tell you this did not turn out planned.

I felt glued to my phone. It was one thing after the next and it seemed like everything was urgent. I really just wanted to enjoy the conference but I understood that I had to do double duties.

At the conference I attended a session about productivity, by someone I would highly recommend, Chris Bailey (check out his site). He said something that really resonated with me which is that productivity no longer equals efficiency. This knocked me off my chair a bit because here I was responding to emails while attending the conference thinking I was being productive. But he brought up a good point, I wasn’t doing either thing well because my mind was focused on output and speed. More than anything I was bouncing around emails and not paying attention to the keynote speaker.

I am going to the conference again tomorrow and I am going to take some advice from Chris. I am going to turn off my phone notifications, heck maybe I will even leave my phone in my bag…pause for impact. I want to get the most out of this opportunity and I don’t want to miss out on something on top of doing a shitty job.

Join me tomorrow in disconnecting for a bit and allowing yourself time to detox from the constant buzz and distraction of notifications.

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