Condo Shopping in Toronto

So I have been living in my teeny tiny studio apartment ever since I moved to Toronto about three years ago. The condo was meant to be a short term place to live while my Dad paid my rent through my post graduate Human Resources studies.

Now let me just tell you I love my condo. It was perfect when it was just me and my cat. The space was great, the building was friendly and it is in (in my opinion) the best neighbourhood in Toronto. However, about a year and a half ago my boyfriend moved in after finishing school in Ottawa. We lived here happily for one year. Then it started… NO SPACE! It’s like it happened overnight, where did we get all of this stuff? I felt cramped and squeezed into this tiny apartment. We were stepping on each others feet and I was longing for my own personal space.

In a matter of moments I had made the decision, we were moving. In a matter of seconds I reached out to my broker and gave my landlord notice. Things escalated quickly after that.

Next thing we knew, my boyfriend and I were running around the neighbourhood going from condo to condo and trying to find something that covered off everything on our checklist. Den, full sized appliances, parking… I had my eye on a particular penthouse unit, it was so shiny and sparkly but when we got there the layout was strange and the bedroom wouldn’t even fit a Queen sized bed.

We finally found the spot that we both agreed on was perfect. But now what? Do we take it? Should we try to haggle the price down? Should we wait and see if something better comes along? How the heck do people know how to do this type of thing? I was in school for 18 years and I have no clue how to make this decision. So I did the obvious thing, I called my parents. At 25 years old I still look to them for advice, guidance, moral support and a loan here and there.

Anyways, we did it! We managed to get our act together, submit our credit scores and put in an offer. We even managed to haggle down just a little bit. Wish me luck!

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