Love What You Do

I love Valentine’s Day! Everything is pink and heart-shaped, there are beautiful boxed white roses and delicious chocolate treats. Even as a kid I used to love to write out individual Valentines cards (typically Barbie themed). My Mom has always given my brother and I a gift and to this day she sends us care packages to Toronto with chocolates and grocery gift cards. There was a brief phase in my life when I became too cool for Valentine’s Day and dissed the holiday and all those that celebrated. But that quickly passed and today I celebrate the day joyously, eating only heart-shaped food and drawing hearts in my planner.

I want to dedicate this post to love. Loving yourself, loving what you do and loving the people you spend time with.

Loving yourself is not easy, there are so many sources telling you to do the exact opposite. Making you feel guilty to feel anything positive about yourself or complimenting yourself. “How arrogant?” “Who does she think she is?” Common words mumbled in response to a confident women. As someone who struggles everyday with negative self talk, I have learned that this only leads to worse performance in work and an unhealthy obsession with unattainable goals.

Love what you do. When you find something you love you will automatically succeed in it. It didn’t take me long to learn my passion was in working with others and helping them achieve goals and success. I look forward to every challenging day at work and enjoy learning more. Now for an old Dad quote, “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” This is true.

I have never had a problem with this last one, loving the people in your life. I never had a lot of friends growing up. I kept a few very close friends and to this day I stick to the same girlfriends. I don’t tolerate fake or insincere people, this type of poison has the tendency to wear you down and lose focus on the more important stuff.

So on this day of love, remember to love yourself, love what you do and love the people you surround yourself with!

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