Teach Them How to Fish

So finally I’m headed off to my first ever vacation since I have been in my role. Yes, I know, I don’t get out much. I did my due diligence to make sure everything was covered off before I left. I called each of the managers I support to let them know I would be out all of next week. Of course I got reactions such as: “how could you?”

I pride myself in providing excellent care to the people I support. I work with them closely and air on the side of too helpful when possible. But is this a good or bad thing in my line of work?

Human Resources is interesting in that we are asked for advice and guidance but never make the decisions. It’s important for us to advise carefully and accurately as well as being a wealth of knowledge. So is there a line that can be crossed in being too supportive? A line that results in an undone system as soon as the support leaves?

My answer to this question is the old saying: teach them how to fish and they will never go hungry.

Provide the people you support with the tools and resources they need to go on effectively without you. Work through and practice the steps together and ensure full understanding. Create processes that are easy to follow and give them one contact that they can refer to when you are away. By creating and supporting a system rather than an individual you can be sure that things will move more efficiently when you are gone.

Now I’m under no illusions that my inbox will still be at 130872 when I get back but I do know that things will get done and that the managers I support will feel supported in my absence.

Now, it’s time for a mai tai! Peace out!

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