Wear Sunscreen

So my vacation is more than half over and it’s been going absolutely great! It’s been so amazing just waking up each morning knowing the biggest decision I’m going to make is beach or pool? I still couldn’t forget about my blog though so I thought I’d do a bit of a different post. I want to talk about sun protection!

So obviously I’m in the Caribbean and it’s hot, damn hot! That sun is nothing compared to what we get in Canada and the UV rays are much stronger.

I was shocked when I looked around the pool and saw people piling on oils and baking their skin in the sun. I actually still can’t even believe how dark people are tanning! Now this is definitely not a post for me to judge how others choose to live their life, I mean you do you but as retired fake tanner I need to protest.

When I was about 22 I loved fake tanning I went the legal maximum amount I think you can go once every 24 or 48 hours, I can’t remember now. And then one day I noticed a spot on my lip. So of course I panicked and went to the doctor.

My doctor removed two marks, one on my lips and one on my stomach. Both left tiny scars, or subtle reminders to wear sunscreen.

Since then I have referred to myself as a retired sun worshipper and spend my time enjoying the poolside under an umbrella or with a large brimmed beach hat and massive sunglasses.

Protecting your skin is so important! First of all to prevent skin cancer or spots and moles from forming. And second to prevent aging. I think for most people the second point is more impactful because we typically think “oh that can’t happen to me!”

So to protect my skin on the beach or on my walk to work I always wear sunscreen on my face! Every. Single. Day. You know, I even wear sunscreen on days that I work from home!

If you’re spending some time in the sun always apply and reapply and reapply sunscreen everywhere! Now if you’re in a bikini like I have been, put on your sunscreen before you get dressed to make sure you don’t miss the awkward spots like under your straps or along the underwear line and don’t forget your lips, apply a chapstick with an spf. It’s also important to wear a hat with a brim that goes all around to cover your chest and back. The bigger the better, think Samantha from the first Sex and the City movie, fabulous!

Your eyes are also very important! That was another shock to me, when my eye doctor told me I had permanent UV damage in my eyes. So wear sunglasses that have UV protection.

Now look I know as well as the next pale white girl that there is nothing better than the glow of beautiful sun kissed skin. All those Australian Instagram fitness models who glisten making them look leaner and fitter. Well girl, fake it! Fake sun tanners have come a long way since I was 12 and used Jergens with my bff which left us orange and streaky. Actually the newest Jergens isn’t even that bad!

Anyways this post went on a lot longer than planned, I’m going for a swim now, but first more sunscreen!

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