Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

I want to celebrate today by expressing gratitude. I am grateful for all of my freedoms, for the my strong female role models and for the opportunities that I have been given and that I have created for myself.

I have a mother who showed me that assertiveness is not an ugly characteristic in women, I have a father who told me I could achieve anything I wanted (as long as that included getting an undergraduate degree first), and I have an older brother who has supported all of my crazy ideas (including doing photoshoots for this blog). I have three aunts who taught me it is possible to be a feminist and still like makeup and wear high heels. I have a boyfriend who is my rock and because of him I have been able to focus on my own career without the fear that I might be putting something else off. And finally I have friends, a chosen group of bad ass ladies that I am so proud of. They are all independent and creating success in their own lives whether that be through their careers or education.

I am so grateful for these people that have allowed me to excel in my career despite everything else. These people have taught me how beautiful it is to be a strong, independent and confident woman.

I understand that I have been privileged. So now I want to raise awareness for all of those girls who don’t have support or don’t have rights, who don’t have the confidence to speak up or who have been victimized for being a women at work.

I want every woman to be able to go to work and not worry about the way their male boss speaks to them, or have to worry about being whistled at on her walk to the office. I want women to feel empowered to have children with out the fear of missing out on a promotion and finally I want every woman to feel as though there is no glass ceiling and the sky is limit.


One thought on “Happy International Women’s Day!

  1. Great blog moderndayworkaholic! You come from a long line of strong women. We were all fortunate to have great role models.


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