Modern Girl’s Attempt at Ayurveda

I learned about Ayurveda in a podcast (figures) and was so drawn to it, I needed to find out more! So it’s basically about mind body connection, the sister practice of yoga. It is the oldest most sophisticated medicinal practices. I am not an expert so if you want to learn more go here.

I started out by determining my doshas using this quiz. Turns out I’m a combination of pitta and vata. Fire and wind. Sounds pretty deadly. I wasn’t surprised though. I’m creative, have a hard time concentrating, have a million ideas, but also am very determined, organized and goal oriented.

I have felt this week though that my vata has been imbalanced. This can cause anxiety, flighty thoughts, dry skin, bloating, and sensitivity to cold. So I figured I would go all hands on deck and give this a try. Here is one day in my life trying to follow the Ayurvedic practices.

I set my alarm thirty minutes early today. Sat up in bed, set my insight timer and tried meditating for 5 minutes. This should be easy, only 5 minutes right? Not really. I tried focusing on my breath but then I felt it hard to breath. So I repeated Sat Nam in my mind, but it was so easy to let my mind wander and start thinking about the day ahead of me. I’ll keep trying, small amounts of time but frequently.

So then I made my way into the washroom, thankful I didn’t fall back asleep. I unpacked my brand new tongue scraper and pulled it down my tongue. Let me tell you that was gross! Who knew so much junk and bacteria builds up on your tongue? I recommend you go ASAP and get yourself a tongue scraper.

I brushed my teeth with my new natural toothpaste, it was not bad actually. It didn’t leave an overwhelming minty taste but that was fine. Then, oil pulling. This is what I had been nervous of! I took a big spoonful of coconut oil and put it in my mouth. Oh yuck I took way too much! Then I started swishing. Once it all melted it wasn’t so bad. I tried for 5 minutes to start, but then I washed my face and straightened my hair so I just continued swishing. I got to 15 minutes when finally I spit it out. The next step was a final rinse with salt water. No problem.

It’s important to start the day off with something warm in your belly. I opted for coffee but then remembered you’re supposed to have warm lemon water at the beginning of everyday. Sigh. The coffee will have to wait.

This whole practice took me from about 6:30-7:30am. You need plan and give yourself lots of extra time. I’m a morning person so this wasn’t too bad.

Lunch was a warm bowl of chilli with sweet potato and softened kale. I was careful to keep the food in my mouth extra long and chew chew chew!

I opted for a relaxing exercise as I am trying to balance my vata. Walking to and from work would count! Then a bit of gentle yoga when I got home.

The night time routine was my favourite. Using a dry brush, brush your skin in an upward motion towards your heart. It kind of hurt at first but then it created a blast of energy from increased circulation. My skin literally felt buzzing! Then after I used coconut oil to give myself a full body massage.

The only thing is… it’s Friday. So my day ended off with cocktails with a girlfriend. Probably not the best end to my day but it made me happy! And really that’s what life is all about!

Although I’m not ready to dive full into the Ayurvedic way, I am very excited to incorporate the practices into my life. It really made me slow down and enjoy things a bit more.

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