Why I Walk on My Lunch Break

I have a very corporate job. I work in an office at a desk from 8:30am to 5pm. As you all know I love my job but sometimes the long hours sitting a desk get to me. I’m a fairly active person and tend to get a bit jittery after long period of times, my mind wanders and my legs cramp up. This is why I make it my priority to use my lunch hour to go for long walks.

At about noon every day I change into some comfy clothes and my running shoes, turn on a podcast and head outside. I have my usual route down by the harbour front and make an effort to get in my 6km speed walk. Sometimes I go with my team lead but often I head out alone.

I like to listen to podcasts such as The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast and HR Happy Hour. I’m a bit of a nerd with my podcast choices, they need to be either health, business or HR related, definitely educational.

This is a great opportunity for me to get some fresh air which I think is so important when you are stuck in an office all day with stale air and no windows. Being outside even in a big city is energizing and allows for an opportunity to connect to your thoughts and be introspective.

I also get my steps in which is an efficient way of using the hour which I may have alternatively spent sitting at my desk eating my lunch. Sometimes this is the only exercise I have time to fit in but I feel totally at ease knowing I did my 6km speed walk, in an hour I burn about 450 calories and get my heart rate up.

But most importantly I use this time to think and let my mind wander. Some of my greatest ideas are thought up on my walks. Sometimes there will be a particular challenge I am facing at work, I will sit at my desk and stress about it. Then I go outside relax, let my mind go free and WHAM, I come up with the perfect solution.

There are studies that show people are more creative during and after a good walk and I totally believe that!

I would definitely recommend using your lunch hour to get outside and get walking. Walking provides me with mental clarity, a good boost in heart rate and allows me to think freely and come up with great ideas and solutions.

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