Finding Motivation to Exercise After a Hard Day’s Work

We have all been there. Sunday night and you are planning out your week, you are going to eat healthy and exercise every night after work…or maybe you will set your alarm early and do a workout before work! What an excellent idea!

Your alarm blares at 5am and the last thing you want to do is get out of your warm bed. “How much could I get out of a workout at this hour? I am way too tired! I will have more energy after work.” Back to sleep.

Then you get home after a long day, maybe you were stuck in traffic. You have to make dinner, clean up, prepare for the next day and the last thing you have time for is a workout.

Sometimes I wished I could work a few less hours in the day so that I would be able to do more in the day, who doesn’t? I often feel tired and lethargic after work and have a hard time getting motivated.

I was recently introduced to Popsugar Fitness and it honestly changed my life. They have a ton of YouTube videos ranging from 10 minutes to longer of different fitness routines. They have everything from yoga to pilates and more hard core stuff like tabatta and boxing. It is so easy to walk in the door, turn on a video and get your workout done. They also don’t typically require any equipment so you can do it all in your house. I do mine in my tiny studio apartment and have never had an issue.

So I have tried just about everything in terms of fitness and using different ways to motivate myself. I thought I would give you some tips that work for me.

  • Find a YouTube channel you love! There are tons like Popsugar Fitness, you just need find something that suits you. Make sure you find a trainer you like too, not someone that you find annoying.
  • Join a fitness class that you love! I used to have a ClassPass and I loved it because you could try a ton of different studios in your city. This is a great way to try different styles or get familiar with your local studios. Also most places have a beginner rate so check them out first at a discounted price or even free.
  • Write your workout in your planner or iCalendar and set a reminder. Put something in your calendar for everyday so that even if you miss one you at least get some in.
  • Get yourself a workout buddy. Someone with similar interests in fitness and make a plan to meet at the gym or yoga studio.
  • Walk everywhere. Walk as much as you possibly can. When I moved to Toronto I started walking all the time, it’s pretty much my only mode of transportation. When you walk (or bike) as your way of getting places you are forcing yourself to get in some exercise, it’s actually very efficient. Check out my previous post Why I Walk on My Lunch Break.

So these are just a few things that have worked for me, I encourage you to give at least one of them a try, whatever works for you. That’s the most important part of being consistent with your exercise and that is to do something you love and be open to switching things up if you find yourself getting bored.

2 thoughts on “Finding Motivation to Exercise After a Hard Day’s Work

  1. Thank so much for your tips. I hardly work out and I been trying to find something to motivate me and a ClassPass sounds liek a great idea. I will need to Google some near my area.


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