Work Day Wellness Tips

I often joke that I have two sides to my personality, it’s actually shocking that I’m not a Gemini. My one half is a hard worker, determined, organized and driven. I love my job, I have aspirations to excel in my career. The other side of me is a total wellness junkie! I dry brush and oil pull, I drink spirulina and I am basically willing to try any wellness hack at least once. So I’ve been thinking about how to mend the two sides and have decided that I am going to start to use this blog and my Instagram page (be sure to give me a follow) to share work day wellness tips. The tip will be shared on Instagram and if needed I will post a follow up on the blog to provide more information.

There’s no reason that wellness should just be a morning and night routine, it has to be something you can do all day long! And the majority of us work and don’t have the luxury to meditate and do yoga for hours on end. So let’s all start trying to bring a bit more wellness to our corporate hustle!

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