Everyone Can Be Creative

My older brother is unbelievably artistic. He is a graphic designer by trade and has a university degree in fine arts. He is an exceptional painter and a graphic designer by trade. Growing up he was always a good drawer and I used to try to copy the pictures that he would draw for me. Some how they never turned out the same. We still have two drawings posted in my cottage, one is Betty and the other Veronica. Betty looks like we printed an image from the actual comic book, whereas Veronica looks like a Neanderthal. Needless to say, I was never the creative one.

But today at work something happened. I was sharing ideas about ways we could motivate people to join our mentorship program and my manager was overjoyed, “You are SO creative, great idea,” she said. Who, me? Smart, yes. Motivated, yes. But creative?

Creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s not just about creating a tangible piece of art but in creating innovative ideas. We can all be creative, we just each have our own outlet. When my brother was drawing beautiful pictures, I was writing stories. Sometimes it’s not obvious in the ways you can be creative, but it’s important to allow yourself to try. Sit down and try to draw or write a blog, maybe you enjoy crafts or doing home renovations. At work you may like to create presentations or learning modules. Maybe you are particularly good at solving problems with a creative solution.

Ways that have helped me open up to being more creative include:

  • Walking on my lunch breaks
  • Blocking off time to create and research
  • Bouncing ideas off a trusted colleague
  • Brainstorming, I typically take a pad and pen and just start writing things down
  • Shutting down my email for an hour
  • Listening to music while I work
  • Sharing my ideas with my mentor and asking for their input

Give it a try! Let yourself be creative!

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