So, You Are Feeling Disengaged…

Feeling disengaged at work happens to the best of us. Maybe you are in a job you love but have hit a lull, or perhaps you truly dislike your job and have been disengaged from the start. I find that people tend to feel disengaged for these reasons:

  • They don’t see how they fit in to the overall strategy.
  • They have a difficult time envisioning their future in the company.
  • They are truly in the wrong career.
  • They are no longer feeling challenged.

So what does this mean to you, if you are feeling disengaged? Consider evaluating what it is you like about your job and what you dislike. Then start to strategically implement more of the stuff you like where possible. This is how I would recommend doing so.

  1. Develop your skills. This can be done on your own time or if you are lucky take some internal training at work. This could be something simple like learning how to create a powerpoint presentation or maybe something more complex like emotional intelligence or leadership skills.
  2. Tell everyone you know what type of role you would like or what type of work you want to do. Unfortunately, in business people can not read minds, which means you have to let people know what you want out of your career. Don’t expect your boss to guess or even put too much thought in it. Assume that they assume you are happy if you are quiet. This is also a good segway to having conversations with leaders about the direction of the company, pay attention. If they say they are branching out to a new sector you may like let them know.
  3. Create small goals for yourself that will help with tracking your progress. Like a milestone that will keep you on schedule to attaining the role you want. It doesn’t even have to be a goal but could be a check point. For example, set a reminder in your calendar that will initiate you to check in with yourself and see how things are going.
  4. Find a mentor. Look around and find someone who is doing the role you want to do or someone who you respect and reach out to them. It doesn’t have to be official. Start by reaching out and letting them know that you think they are great at what they do and you would love to pick their brain, set up a short half hour meeting. prepare some intelligent questions and see where things go. Remember flattery is your friend here.

So those are a few tips I have in how to strategically manipulate your current job into something you would find more engaging. There will always be boundaries but it’s up to you to look out for yourself and get where you want to go. Take an active approach to attaining your dream job!

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