What Is a Modern Day Workaholic Anyway?

I’ve gone about this long enough, I guess it’s time for me to really break it down. What the heck is a Modern Day Workaholic?

With Millennials taking the workforce by storm, I have come to realize that companies need to really start changing their ways. Gen Y has dealt with the nonsense long enough and Millennials just aren’t taking it. New values consist of work life balance, working to live instead of living to work, increased flexibility and decreased rigidity. Down with useless policies and dress codes and bring in the Friday afternoon beer cart.

I realized I am someone who LOVES my job but I also love being with my family and taking care of my health and wellbeing. This seemed so contradictory to me at first, was it possible to find success in my career and also enjoy life? The answer is YES!

So back to answering your question, what is a Modern Day Workaholic?

A Modern Day Workaholic is someone who really loves the work they do, they find meaning in their daily tasks, work hard to achieve career goals and are driven towards opportunities for growth. At the same time, a Modern Day Workaholic finds balance in other activities, such as spending time with family, taking care of their health and maybe, even meditating.

I have combined my two passions: work and wellness to develop this ideal individual who can live as both, the employee who thrives and the yogi who clears their mind.

Join me in becoming a Modern Day Workaholic.

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