The Morning Routine for Efficiency and Well-Being

My perfect morning typically happens on a day that I work from home. I keep my alarm set at 6:50am. When my alarm goes off I get out of bed and make my bed. Some days this takes me a little longer than others, not gonna lie. Then I sit in bed and write 3 full pages down in a notebook. This is a tip I picked up from the Rich Roll podcast. It allows me to get all the “gunk” out of my mind first thing in the morning. Morning pages is an opportunity to write freely, with no judgement, anything that may be on your mind.

After morning pages I immediately go into my ensuite and use my tongue scraper. This sounds nasty but I’m telling you it is life changing! This tip comes from Sahara Rose and I picked it up when I included some Ayurvedic techniques into my life.  Cleaning your tongue gets rid of bacteria and bad breath and can even improve taste.

Then I head to the kitchen and make warm lemon water that I put in my Starbucks sippy cup and head down to the gym. At this point I am just waking my body up and will opt to just walk on the treadmill, listen to a podcast and drink my lemon water. After about 45 minutes I head back up stairs.

I take a quick shower to rinse off since I prefer to shower in the evening and wash my hair then. I will wash my face though with my Cetaphil cleanser I know it’s old school but it works for me. I might also use an ice roller depending on how puffy or tired I look. Finally I put on my Clinique SPF.

Now finally I pour a delicious cup of coffee that my boyfriend presets the night before so we don’t have to fuss with the coffee maker in the morning. I like my coffee with milk, this is the only time I use real milk as opposed to almond.

Then I sit at my desk with all of my notebooks and planners and plan out my day in my Kate Spade planner. This is my absolute favourite planner, I have had many over the years. I love the patterns on the cover but also love how each month has a full month overview and then the weekly pages.

Then I get down to business. It’s easy for me to work from anywhere with my company phone and laptop. This morning routine gets me ready for my day and allows me to be efficient but also puts me in a good headspace.

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