What’s With Wellness?

I was hard core into yoga for about 5 years. I started going religiously, perfecting all of the poses and even managed to get my 5’11 body twisted into pretzel like shapes and inversions. Now this is not the purpose of yoga. The purpose of movement in yoga is really to get the wiggles out before you stay still, breathe and meditate. Of course I would scoot out as soon as the lights dimmed not willing to waste my precious time lying in a pose that didn’t do my abs any good. But here I thought I was spiritually awakened. Little did I know I was actually causing myself more bad than good by over stretching and burning out.

The point of that story is I am so sick and tired of everyone running around and pretending like they are balanced while all this time they are actually stressing about the non-organic apple they ate or hating themselves for missing their morning Pilates class.

I want to advocate for a new type of wellness. The type where people do what feels good for them, not because Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it or because it’s the latest fad. Wellness has become an obsession and I think rather than making us well it is making us self-loathing. We feel even worse about ourselves when we skip our lemon water or miss a fitness class.

Not to mention that wellness is a very lucrative industry. And why wouldn’t it be? We are all just striving for self-improvement aren’t we? They say the Health & Wellness industry is the next trillion dollar industry. But how could meditating and natural products equate to a trillion dollars? We (myself included) are easy targets to the corporations who can market anything organic or necessary if you want to be “healthy”.

No more rules or processes. Let’s just do what feels good for us. For me it’s going for long walks, eating a green salad followed by a cookie, spending time with my cat, binge watching Netflix and excelling in my day job.

Take care of your body and mind but let’s stop lying to ourselves about being well. My goal is to help you find balance between work, health, life, and fun. At the root of this I want people to do with purpose and find fulfillment in whatever it is they are doing. No judgement, no doubt, and no self loathing. Just do you and be thankful that you are you.

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