Managing the Highs and the Lows

Do you ever feel like all of sudden you are being pulled in a thousand and one directions after you have sat idle for weeks? For me personally, I have always felt like everything gets really busy all at the same time: work and personal life. It’s sort of like in the winter when you binge watch Netflix all weekend with no friends in sight and then the summer rolls around and you are double booking. So how can you manage both, the busy and the boring?

For me staying motivated and getting stuff done is always easier when I am busy. I feel a certain momentum that just pushes me to go go go. I have endless to-do list, time -blocking techniques (including my old school planner), and easily swing from one task to the next. Where things get tough is when my mind starts moving faster than I can keep up with. At work I will notice myself with multiple emails up going back and forth and not able to just focus on one thing. This is why I create very detailed lists. It helps keep me organized.

I actually had so much going on in my head last night that I tossed and turned for about two hours before I got up just wrote a full page list of everything I had to do today. Writing things down is a technique I use as sort of a mind body connection type thing, I need to connect my body to my thoughts in order to slow them down. I am a huge note taker, list maker and journal creator. Check out my favourite journals here.

But like I said, I personally love being a busy bee. So what do I do when things slow down? When I don’t have a lot on my plate I find my whole force just slows down, I become disengaged, sleepy, and unmotivated. I feel myself getting bored and thirsty for change. At this point I should probably mention I am not a Gemini however, my Mars is in Gemini, which honestly explains a lot. Specifically this means, “Easily bored, Mars in Gemini natives need a fresh change of pace frequently just to keep energy levels up. Its a somewhat odd thing, really. When there’s nothing much to do, these natives are exhausted.” If you haven’t read your natal chart you must do so here.

So what I do when times get slow is really try to find something that gets my creative juices flowing. For me lately that has been blogging and podcasting and as I have mentioned this was a huge part for me starting Modern Day Workaholic. It has always allowed me to learn new skills and keep my mind active.

I also try to earn new things, I am a huge nerd so I love researching and reading. I also LOVE listening to podcasts. Definitely, my favourite source of knowledge as of late because I can usually do something else at the same time like walk or cook.

Moral of the story often times life is either really busy or really boring. Don’t let either situation get the best of you. Learn some techniques that work for you.

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