Being a Busy Queen Bee

Although I am not the biggest fan of the word “busy”, I am OK with using it in this context. Having lots to do is a great feeling, at least for me it is. I enjoy having lots on the go and moving from one task to the next, I thrive in a fast paced environment. But what happens when things become a little too status quo? I disengage, get bored and my mind tends to wonder to less productive things, this can sometimes lead to depressing my mood making me even more disengaged. By staying busy, I don’t give my mind enough time to think negative thoughts.

Over the past few months things starting to get blah. I was not inspired to podcast or blog, do a lot of social activities and work was just sort of on autopilot. So what did I do? I regained control of my attitude and put a little bit more on my plate.

Over the next two years I will continue to work full time, write blogs, record podcasts, complete my Master’s and plan a wedding. This is classic Tyson, pushing the limit just about as far as I can go. But when you get this busy, how do you stay efficient, stay on task and bring your A game?

Here are my top three staying effective when busy tips:

  1. Planner, planner, planner! I don’t usually use any online calendars except my Outlook calendar for work. However, I bring my hard cover paper planner with me everywhere I go. I actually just got a new one, it’s absolutely adorbs, check it out here. I put everything in this bad boy and it helps me stay on track with paying bills, getting to appointments and meeting deadlines.
  2. To-Do Lists. Create a to-do list either for the day or week. Nothing feels better than crossing stuff off, I sometimes even add stuff I already did just to cross it off.
  3. Prioritize. This can be tough and sometimes we tend to procrastinate on the things we need to focus on first. The way I prioritize is based on who has asked me to complete something, the deadline, and the size of the task. If a manager asks me for something I try to do it straight away, stuff with a close deadline comes next, and then sometimes smaller tasks that I can do straight away (like answer a short email) are next. I save the bigger tasks for when I can set a large portion of time aside and work only on that without being interrupted, and I always block this chunk of time off in my calendar.

So if you are like me and love to be busy, make sure you are effectively busy. Plan your time, create lists and prioritize.

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