Getting Through Your Annual Performance Review

For most of us it’s that wonderful time of year where we sit with our boss and go through the full year in review. Some of you might have formal reviews or more casual discussions but here are my tips for not just getting through but making the best of your performance review.

  1. Make it work for you! Schedule your review and if possible invite other contributors like your project manager, manager once removed or mentor.
  2. Ask for real feedback. If you don’t have a formal process don’t feel bad for asking for meaningful constructive feedback.
  3. Be prepared. Take the time to review your goals and successes from the year before and plan your goals for the upcoming year.
    Align your goals with the company business strategy and values. Don’t be afraid to use key words that are used in your business marketing or value proposition. If you don’t know your company’s strategic plan, ask someone.
    Focus on your career development, make your long term goals clear and don’t be embarrassed to state your big plans.
    Be open and honest, accept the feedback in a constructive way and don’t make excuses.
    Celebrate your hard work and efforts!

I hope these tips change your mentality from “ugh another meeting” to “I can’t wait to discuss my career!”

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