Do’s and Do Not’s: Office Holiday Party Edition

Holiday parties are tricky, they can be super fun don’t get me wrong but there’s something about seeing all of your co-workers in a social setting, all dressed up that is just so…unfamiliar. There was actually a moment last year where I found myself not even recognizing the room of people I was with. I have a bit of a different perspective as the token “HR person” but that doesn’t mean I’m the only one who has to maintain a professional demeanor despite the 2 drink tickets. So, let’s talk about what is acceptable and what really is not.

Do: Attend! Don’t let your social anxiety scare you away from attending, this is a great opportunity to connect with the people you work with. I get it you are with these people more than your family, but all the better reason to get to know them. 

Do: Dress appropriately. A little sparkle and red lip go a long way! I would say go for a glitzy glam look with a professional spin. For example a bright red lip with a lbd and sparkle clutch. Nothing too wild or provocative.

Don’t: Overdue it at the bar. It’s not unprofessional but downright embarrassing. Not to mention could have a more serious outcome. You do not want to be getting a call from HR the following day. Work party behavior should be equivalent to work behavior. 

Don’t: Forget that you are with colleagues. It’s easy to loosen up in this type of environment but remember you will be back at work on Monday and will have own up to your actions.

Happy holidays and may your non-denominational parties go smoothly.

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